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Ricardo Vilalva

Ricardo Vilalva
Personal Trainer and
Surf School and Stand u p



Ricardo Mallman Vilalva was born on February 1, 1974, at Praia do Tombo in Guarujá (an island located on the coast of the state of São Paulo) and home to several champions, many of whom were trained by the “Teacher” as he is also known. .

Specialized in Exercise Physiology from the Federal University of São Paulo (2001), Level 2 Surfing Instructor and Technician from the Brazilian Surfing Confederation (2007) and graduated in Pilates techniques from Metacorpus Studio Pilates (2007).

From 2006 to 2011, Ricardo was a Special Student at the University of São Paulo (USP) in several Master's and Doctorate courses, in the areas of Biodynamics of Human Movement and Sports Studies. He participated in several Research Groups such as GEPETIJ (Study and Research Group on Child and Youth Training).

Graduated in Physical Education from Universidade Santa Cecília in 1994, Ricardo also has a degree in Pedagogy (Faculty of Education, Sciences and Letters Don Domênio, 2000) and is currently studying Physiotherapy (UNAERP, Campus Guarujá).

Author of the book Preparado para Surfar by Editora Gaia, he has a modest scientific production with national articles, international articles and a Poster presented at the European College of Sport Science.

He worked in São Paulo in some gyms such as Reebok Sports Club, serving the most varied profiles (Weight Loss, Quality of Life, Performance Improvement and Rehabilitation). During that same time he worked with three Motocross riders (all were champions).

He taught classes in different places around the world such as California, Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico and the Caribbean.

He has worked as a Personal Trainer since 1998 and has extensive professional experience.

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Escola de Surf e Stand Up

Surf and Stand Up Paddle School


The Surf and Stand Up School Prepared to Surf is located in the middle of Praia do Tombo (a beach with Blue Flag certification), and offers a different methodology to serve beginner surfers up to more experienced surfers who want to evolve in the sport in a unique way. quick, practical and safe.

We offer filming and photos in and out of the water with professional equipment. We analyze the footage and analyze the surfer's biomechanics on the wave for greater surfing development, as is done with professional surfers. After analyzing the footage, the student is offered a series of specific physical exercises in surfing by coach Ricardo Vilalva.

After 20 years working with professional surfers. Ricardo Vilalva offers at his Surf School a differentiated service for people looking for fun, progress in the sport and quality of life.

The School also offers Stand Up Paddle classes and rentals. In summer, the beaches are crowded here in Guarujá and for those who like tranquility, we offer Stand Up or boat trips to paradisiacal places on the island. What do you think about taking a trip like this and still visiting a deserted beach?

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The Studio


40m² room, air-conditioned and equipped with the most modern appliances on the market.

​In the Pilates section, Meta Life® equipment for all types of exercise. For Cross Fit and Functional Training we have all the necessary materials available, such as: Jump box, free weights, bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, Swiss balls, medicine balls, elastic bands, bosu, step, Balance Board®, and much more.

Furthermore, for aerobic activities, we have a Life Fitness® Activate Series treadmill (with impact absorption), a Life FItness® Life Cycle GX exercise bike, a Concept 2 model D PM5 indoor rowing machine, not to mention that we are just a few meters from Praia do Tombo and we can train there too. We have heart monitoring devices with GPS for outdoor activities (running on soft sand, biking, stand up or trails on the island).

All of this is used in a personalized way and under professional supervision.

We offer a high standard structure so that you can achieve your goals with comfort and efficiency!

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Meet those who have already achieved their goals after training with Ricardo Vilalva!

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